What it Entails

Guest Check-In(direct booking/agent reservation)
Group Check-In(multiple room for single booking)
PAX Check-In(sharing room)
Cancel Check-In option.
Guest Check-out.
Group Check-out(room wise/multiple room).
Extend Check-out date.
Linked Rooms(Join rooms)
Unlinked Rooms(Split rooms)
Room Shifting.
Room Calendar.
Room Occupancy calendar.
Print Folio and bills.
Bill split(room wise/amount wise/bill wise/other).
Post room charges.
Advance Deposit.
Guest follow up option and wake up call.
Meal plan to select on room
Flat discount can be offered.
Guest ID scanning and Web Camera option.
Guest Vehicle management.
Split folio option for separation of extra charges as well as room tariff.
Manage folio for long staying guest.
Back up system for night audit process.
Rack Rate management.
Reservation Management.
Blank GR card print