Our Services

Hotel Furniture Sales

We make and design beds, nightstands, head boards that are unique and will give unmatched comfort and luxury feeling. Our products are unmatched globally.

Mystery Client Services

Are you always wondering how your guests are treated in your hotel? Do you wonder how your guests feel in your establishment compared to your direct competitor? Do you know how your staff perform their duties? We will give you a second eye from the guest view point so you can improve and better your hotel business.

Internal Operational Assessments

Is your hotel always losing money? Are you always full with guests but do not see the profit? It is time you talked to us for an internal audit!!


Do you have the land and a good Idea of the kind of hotel to construct, but you do not have the money? Is your project stuck midway for lack of funds? Well, worry no more! Together with our close partners, we will fund your idea into a reality.

County Project Approvals

For every project to commence its mandatory to follow the law and guidelines laid by the County Government .We will assist in doing the tedious work of applying and following up for approvals until everything is certified and in accordance with the planning act.


Do you have structural and architectural designs but you do not know how much it will cost to build? We will assist you by giving the 100% practical costs and figures that match your location. We get to the ground and engage all construction suppliers in the area and give you the actual fact figures for you to make a sound decision.